Latowski fitting and order

Last month I traveled to Germany and was fitted for a Lastowski belt!

They were very helpful in setting up an appointment.  I found the information provided by Mona at Latowski very helpful. She even sent me a train schedule. The fitting took less than 1 hour, however traveling to and from Amsterdam on the same day made for a very quick German visit.

Below, is the small train station I visited  to be fitted for a Latowski belt.


I spent about 30 minutes looking at the options. For those who have not been to the Latowski web page, I refer you to:

Mona speaks English, and picked me up at the train station. The fitting is done by Mario, and he does not speak English, and I don’t speak German, so Mona translated.

They have a ‘dummy’ belt made out of Stainless and each side has laces.  Mario laced the belt,  and then made many adjustments and measurements. He does all the fabrication and anyone interested the history of development will enjoy the listed web page.



The fitting costs 125 Euros, which is a deposit if you order. (2016 prices)

And of course, I placed an order!

I elected to get the electrical training system for the penis.   The control device was just revamped. The control unit is small, water proof and works upto 300 meters away with 15 levels of output. The anal electrical unit added bulk to the belt, so I didn’t get it. Instead, I ordered the anal plug, but no electrodes. The anal electrical system has a power unit connected with wires. I didn’t want this bulk and hardwire connection. It can be added later if so desired.  I will also have hip rings to allow wrist restraint.

The product will take many months to build, so expect reviews to come. I hope to compare this to the Neosteel and assist anyone who is wanting to purchase a high-end Stainless German belt.  At this point, I find the Latowski purchase experience very positive. My hosts were very kind and they were able to adjust my appointment when I  missed a connecting train….Not taking German in high school did impede me when ‘reading’ German maps at a connecting train station.

I managed to turn this trip into a vacation by spending a week in Amsterdam.  In Amsterdam you can visit Bizarre Design for a custom corset. Find some lovely latex at DeMask. Get a few dungeon items at Mr. B Leather…..I am sure, with  some effort, I could find at least 2 more weeks of fetish fun in Amsterdam.  Now I want to visit London (the exchange rate is good, at least this week)  and  then get back to Germany.  Make Rick Steves proud. Dank je

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