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Hello, welcome to chastity passion. 

I am posting information about the topic of chastity devices and my experiences with finding safe, secure and comfortable chastity devices.  My name is Nikki Love; this is my perspective of buying and using chastity devices.

My information is a work in progress. I am always looking for new developments in technology, design and materials. You might be new to chastity, or have years of experience. You may want to be locked up for 10 minutes, or 10 years, and the needs of these two extremes are vastly different when selecting a device.  What works for me may not work for you, but at least this site will provide you with another vantage point as you learn more about chastity.  My experience is with male chastity, but I also enjoy female and all transgender issues of chastity. This is not a guide, but rather, my experiences. Mileage may vary, and remember, chastity has physical and mental challenges, lock up safely, go slowly, and know your own limitations.

The fantasy of meeting a partner who brings a cage to your first date and locks you up for weeks at a time, forcing you into servitude, is fun to read, but fiction.  Many of the posts I read seem dubious, at best, in terms of factual use of locking up the genitalia.  Some day I might open this site up to fiction, but not now.

Have you read posts from people who just ordered their first device and they are excited about a new toy?  Or perhaps the post of a person who just got a device, and is reporting how good it works after 3 hours of use?   My method to test most devices will require a minimum of 3 days locked in place, 24/7. If a device passed the initial milestone, I will report on further use. I am not the type of user who wishes to glue all the locks, and undergo ‘permanent’ chastity, whatever that is. If a device causes a lot of discomfort I will try to fix the problem, and if that doesn’t work, the device is removed. If appropriate, I will report on the ability to communicate with the maker.

Some blogs report chastity use like a dieter reports calorie counting.  They note each stretch of being locked up and how they are breaking a new personal record for lock up.  Some of these blogs are well written and down to earth, but many are not so well done. It is not the emphasis of this site to tell you how many days I was lockup up this week, or to tell you I just broke a personal record for consecutive days locked up.

Each design has unique benefits and cost; so what works for me, may not work for others.  For example,  I have yet to find a metal belt style that works for my anatomy. (But I have not given up) I dislike all the testicular ring cages that I tried. I tend to use this style for short periods of time ( < 24 hours).  Until I got my PA about a 1 & 1/2 years ago, I could slip out of most devices, unless they had a urethral insert.  With my PA, this nonsense was stopped 100%.

I enjoy hearing from others who appreciate the topic of chastity as well as fetish clothes, crossdressing, and bd/sm/ds. I hope to post ample photos of each device in review.

If you find this site to be helpful, let me know. Please be kind and considerate in all communications. If I review a design in a negative light, that’s how it worked in my hands, others might love the same device. I will try to be very specific about what I like and dislike with a chastity device; it is my Opinion.  If you are offended by this type of material, please go to another post. This site is not for you.

All material written by me is for my exclusive use, including all photos. Please do not lift, copy/paste my writings or my photos. You may reference me, and a note telling me who you are would be wonderful.

For everyone else, welcome, and enjoy.  I have no conflicts or bias when I report a trial of a chastity cage or belt.  If someone sends me a device to review for testing purposes, I will report this fact. At this time, all devices have been bought (and some will be sold in the near future) by me. You can only wear one cage at a time! And I have far too many, but will buy more, no doubt.

Happy locking, and good luck in your own personal quest.

Nikki Love

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